To capture your defining moments, it’s crucial to have observational clarity. Our passion for sport and understanding of every aspect of the competition makes us editorially aware, putting us in the right place at the right time. It is only then that the audience can get an insight into the heart of the action and experience the story in the highest quality and most visually beautiful way possible.

As the world of sport has evolved, audience numbers and commercial assets are no longer restricted to stadiums or the value of fixed media coverage: the core assets that drove huge incomes for top tier sports, but left mid and lower tier ones behind. With the advent of multiple digital channels that are available to all sports, your event has the ability to break this strangle hold, engage new audiences, grow fan bases and harness commercial opportunities. What sits at the heart of this proposition is content, whether it be live or highlights production, that captures the theatre of the game. When delivered daily, engaging Live or highlights content increases your Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Website and other channels audiences. Moreover, these channels create value to your sponsors that will in turn help you to sell your sport more effectively, whilst generating revenue to feed back into your event.

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“The Tiree Wave Classic has been around for the last 30 years but we’re a minority sport on a small island. Red Handed have dramatically influenced not only the windsurfing community but have attracted a new audience we’ve never enjoyed before they came onto the scene. The event is now a well recognised and respected stage for the surfers and sponsors alike. One thing is for sure, we are now on the map, and I’m so excited to see how far we’ll continue to grow by working with Red Handed in the future…”.